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are worried about. there is all this talk whether the obama administration will crackdown on colorado and washington, and not let them do it. >> no. >> cenk: how do you think that will play out. >> first of all he doesn't have to worry about an election. obama has tipped his hand when he legalized the gay marriage. so all he has to do is reschedule pot from scheduled one to schedule two then it becomes a medical issue and then the states can decide themselves if they want it legal or not. >> cenk: tommy, he broke records on drug dispensary raids his first term. he appointed the bush appointee the head of the dea. >> he's also a black guy from hawai'i who used to surf. >> cenk: most importantly, he used to smoke. >> that's what i'm saying into that's what drives me crazy. at least the last three presidents smoked marijuana. they didn't serve any jail time. they became president of the united states. and you served nine months. >> not only a pot smoker, but cocaine user, george bush. >> cenk: yes. >> the hypocrisy are bedfellows. >> cenk: i heard you took the plea deal to spare your son
't enough to send verbal accolades. this has been a -- this administration sent planes and bombs and support to oust gadhafi so that al-qaeda and the muslim brotherhood could take over libya. >> cenk: did you hear that? that was obama's secret plot. this lunatic, by the way other than being insane, is saying we should not have gotten rid of the dictators mubarak and gadhafi. what a swell guy. it only gets worse. one more. >> call it arab spring, call it arab winter, whatever you want to but it was disastrous unless you were wanting a new ottoman empire to take place and that's what this administration helped jump start. >> cenk: ah-ha! louis got him. turns out obama is trying to start a new ottoman empire! yeah, yeah that's the ticket. and then he's going to call cub
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2